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Online Encore

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I still haven't figured out the right way to balance my language blog with my main blog. Whenever I post something language-related that I think would be fun and of general interest, I'm tempted to post it here--which ends up meaning that the stuff I post over there is the less fun and generally-interesting stuff.

So instead I've posted a potentially fun entry over there, and as a compromise I'm linking to it from here.

Specifically, I've posted a game/puzzle that's sort of an online version of Encore, the parlor/board game in which people try to come up with songs whose lyrics contain a given word.

After a too-lengthy introduction (which you can skip--the game itself starts at the section break marked with a horizontal line), I've posted an alphabetical list of 26 words that appear in song lyrics; your task is to come up with songs that contain those words.

Please post answers in the comments to that entry, not here.

1 Comment

Would it be possible to generate an RSS feed for comments on the Neology blog? If it's not too much trouble.

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