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Improv Everywhere in San Francisco this afternoon! (And Chicago tomorrow)

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Improv Everywhere is running one of their Mp3 Experiment events in San Francisco this afternoon--two hours from now, which presumably means this post won't be in time to tell anyone about it. Sorry about that.

I only found out about it late last night, and I'm not gonna go to it--too much I need to do at home this weekend, and from what I've seen of their Mp3 Experiments, I don't know that I would enjoy participating as much as I enjoy some of their other stuff. But it's still mighty tempting.

It occurred to me yesterday afternoon (before I found out about this SF event) that one of the things I like about Improv Everywhere is that their "missions" tend to be oriented toward leaving people (both participants and audience, in many cases) with the feeling that the world is stranger, more interesting, and more fun than they thought it was, in a nonthreatening way.

Whereas a lot of the kinds of pranks that a lot of other groups do tend to be oriented toward making someone embarrassed, upset, unhappy, scared, worried, or angry.

I prefer the former to the latter.

Anyway. They're doing another Mp3 Experiment tomorrow in Chicago, again starting at 2 p.m. local time, in case that's more feasible for any of you to get to.

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Agreed, I definitely prefer the former. :-)

My favorite Improv Everywhere projects have been Frozen Grand Central and Human Mirror.

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