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Yes niece is good niece


I am delighted to announce the birth of my new niece, Avery. Everyone concerned appears to be doing well.

Jay and Holly told the family last Friday, the day she was born, but I wanted to wait 'til I could point to a blog entry from Jay before posting about it here. Follow the link above for more info (and to congratulate Jay and Holly!), plus a link to photos.

'Sfunny--when they first told me Holly was pregnant, a few months back, my immediate reaction was "Wow! I'm gonna be an uncle!" And then I reminded myself that not only am I already a kith-uncle to a variety of friends' kids, I'm even a biological (half-)uncle to Gabrielle's daughter.

But somehow, this felt a little different.

Anyway, I'm thrilled that Jay and Holly have a kidlet. Yay! Congratulations once again.

I was a little sad to hear that they decided not to name the child Interferon, as Holly had been threatening to do for years. Still, Avery is a lovely name, and family-relevant.

Perhaps I'll call the kid "Iffy" anyway (at least in this blog). Or "Roxy." Or perhaps not.

Regardless, I very much look forward to meeting her in person.

And Jay and Holly, I hope you're managing to squeeze in some sleep now and then.


Thanks Uncle Jed!!

btw, as much as I liked "Interferon," (she was called "Iffy" by most of us until the moment she was born) I was becoming more partial to "Immunoperoxidase," as you mentioned in your note a few days ago.

Oh! Hey! Congratulations all around and my heartfelt wish for restful nights for the three principals.

Jay: Interesting--I was just thinking a couple days ago that I now like "Immunoperoxidase" better as a name than "Interferon."

...Unrelatedly, I belatedly thought of two puns that should've been in this entry:

1. The entry title obviously should've been "New niece is good niece". Too bad I didn't think of that 'til hours after posting.

2. I bet Peter would have said something like "That's A-very good name for A-very cute baby."

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