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More things you can do to oppose Prop 8

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Here are a wide variety of ways, big and small, in which Californians can help defeat Proposition 8.

This is not an official message from the campaign. It's my general impression of what callers were telling/asking supporters tonight, rephrased in my own words and with my own thoughts mixed in. I do not speak for the campaign at all. (More on how tonight went to follow in another entry.)

Things you can do, if you live in California and you don't want Prop 8 to pass:

  1. If you're a registered voter and you haven't voted by mail ahead of time, go vote on election day. Even if your preferred Presidential candidate seems likely to win California in a landslide, go vote. Even if you hear early returns from other states and you start to think your Presidential vote won't make any difference at all, go vote.
  2. Vote all the way down the ballot, including the propositions. In particular, don't stop after voting for a Presidential candidate.
  3. Vote No on 8. Don't get confused about what No and Yes mean--on this particular proposition it's easy to get mixed up, and some people may be intentionally trying to confuse voters about this. Just to be clear: Yes means eliminate same-sex marriage; No means leave things as they are, with same-sex marriage legal. So vote No.
  4. Tell your Californian friends and family all of the above. Make sure they understand what a big deal this measure is, and how close the vote is likely to be. Ask them to vote No on 8.
  5. If you feel strongly about this issue, volunteer to help with the campaign. Here are the most important things you can do:
    1. Volunteer (ahead of time) to help out on election day. There'll be No On 8 volunteers just outside the 100-foot limit at many polling stations, reminding supporters of same-sex marriage to vote No.
    2. Volunteer for visibility stations: from now 'til the election, volunteers will be sitting at tables in heavy-foot-traffic areas, handing out literature and raising the visibility of the cause.
    3. Volunteer to phone people. The focus is shifting now toward calling supporters to tell them some of the above, not as much on calling undecideds and trying to get them to decide, but a lot of calls still need to be made.
    4. Volunteer to help out at field offices in non-calling ways, doing various kinds of office work.
    5. Donate money. A lot of money has been coming in lately (I'm delighted that Apple has made an official statement publicly opposing Prop 8 and donating $100,000; also that Larry and Sergey are both donating tens of thousands of dollars of their own money), but I'm told that No On 8 is still behind the Yes side in its fundraising efforts.

This is a case where every vote can make a difference. We don't really know how close this one's going to be, but it could be very close. So please do what you can to help.

For more ideas on things you can do, visit the No On 8 action page.

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