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Henry Winkler is everywhere


I hadn't thought about Henry Winkler in years, but in the past two weeks I've seen him or his name in about five different contexts.

I watched a few episodes of MacGyver a couple weeks ago. On the DVD, there were previews for other TV shows coming to DVD: specifically Laverne & Shirley and Happy Days. So Winkler appeared in those. And then I was surprised to discover that Winkler was one of the executive producers of MacGyver.

It's possible that those two items were related, so that's not necessarily a coincidence. But then a day or two later, on a mailing list, someone mentioned Winkler in passing as an example of a celebrity who might be in the audience of a baseball game.

Then the other day I happened across the Ron Howard/Andy Griffith/Henry Winkler vote-for-Obama video.

And then tonight I turned on the TV to watch something on TiVo, and broadcast TV came on before I could switch to TiVo, and NUMB3RS (which I've never seen) was on. Guest starring, you guessed it, Henry Winkler.

So he suddenly seems to be ubiquitous, at least in my life. (Tomorrow I expect to see him in the park.) Is he staging some kind of a comeback, or is he following me around, or is this all just coincidence?


"Henry Winkler is everywhere"....just like Elvis!

A few years ago, we took some folks from (including two people from Harrisburg, PA) to Toscana, restaurant in Brentwood, for a business lunch. The folks from PA wanted to know if we saw celebrities much in LA. We of course responded with typical practiced LA nonchalance. "They are around, but we mostly don't pay attention to them," I said. A moment earlier, I had spied Henry Winkler come in (with impeccable timing for my purposes), and sit two tables away from us. There had been no buzz when he sat down. So I continued (I hope, without missing a beat), "For instance, the Fonz just sat down two tables away and no one here seems to care." Of course, I thought seeing the Fonz was sort of cool, but when you live in LA, you never let people know that a celebrity sighting was exciting. The folks from PA wanted to take pictures, but we convinced them not to.

I think he's been working all along, but he scored a great supporting role as the family lawyer in Arrested Development, which has brought him back to the attention of the TV-watching public (at least, my segment of it).

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