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Proposition 8 myths debunked


I've seen various pages that go into long involved detailed debunkings of the fearmongering Yes On 8 ads, but I've been wishing there was a short simple page that addressed the issues briefly, simply, and clearly.

Turns out there is: Proposition 8 fact vs fiction.

So if someone asks you, for example, "But doesn't Prop 8 force churches to marry people?", now you know where to point them.


Hmm. apparently LJ won't recognize me for your website... :(

But I spent some time last night figuring out all this "oh no!! Schools will teach your kids not to hate gays!!" falderol. Pretty sneaky stuff--if you READ the CA educational code, there's nothing on marriage in there at all. The standards are clear and available for kindergarten through grade 12. Sex Ed starts in 7th grade, but there's a lot of Health ed before that. And CA parents have the right to opt out, every year. So even though there IS a case in Massachussetts, there IS a legal standing in CA already that would keep it from happening in CA.

In case little Judy is personally damaged by learning not to hate gay people. SIGH. Though there was a good quote from a Mass. lawyer that there are already precedents on the books saying parents can't sue over their kids being exposed to ideas they disagree with. (really?? What a concept!!)

For what it's worth, I saw a "Yes on 8" ad last night that deploys the age-old rhetorical device of "is too!" against the second and last items (regarding education) on that myths page. They do a window-in-window of the Jack O'Connell ad, identifying him only as "this politician" (I wonder about the calculus that said it was better not to identify him as the superintendent of schools) and all but chanting "liar, liar, pants on fire."

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