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Went to a birthday party on Saturday, then went on an Adventure Sail on the Lady Washington on Sunday. The tall ships will be in the greater Bay Area through early December, and then down in SoCal in December and January. They're really cool; I particularly recommend the Battle Sail.

Stayed up ridiculously late Sunday night doing magazine stuff--something like 3:30 a.m. Was groggy and out of it for much of Monday; but had some caffeine in the late afternoon, then headed down to the No On 8 San José field office and put together more tabling packets for them. Got done around 10:30 that night.

Tuesday evening I joined a tabling group myself (see separate entry). Afterward, I picked up falafel at the gyros place on Castro that I've been meaning to try for probably a couple years now, and drove up to Kam's to hang out with her while doing magazine and work work.

Eventually realized that I had more left to do than I had thought for my mini-presentation at work this morning (including putting together a costume, because someone had decided that since it's Halloween we should do our presentations in costume), so spent a while on that; eventually stumbled groggily home.

This morning, I participated in the presentation, then went to a meeting. Then I attended Gavin Newsom's No-On-8 talk at work, which was amazing. More on that in another entry too.

Stayed late at work trying to catch up on some of the stuff I've left undone the past couple weeks--I originally had a deadline today, but it became clear a couple days ago there was no way I could meet it, so we shifted it out to next week, but there's still a lot to do.

After a quick stop at the grocery store, got home around 8:30ish, checked home email for the first time all day, did various magazine administrative stuff, had a late dinner. Eventually realized that I hadn't yet finalized the story that's going live this coming week, so sat down to do that.

And after a while, took a break to write this entry. After I finish up the associated other entries, I'd better get back to editing.

But I'm really exhausted. Even though I had some downtime this past weekend, I feel like I've been running nonstop for the past, oh, two to six weeks or so. And between the deadline at work, and trying not to fall any further behind on magazine stuff than we already are, and trying to help with No On 8, and not getting enough sleep, I'm running pretty low on energy.

But there's just six days left in the No On 8 campaign, and I feel like I gotta keep working on that, to the extent that I can. I definitely can't do anywhere close to the level of involvement that some of the amazingly dedicated San José people are doing--all day, every day--but I wouldn't feel right not doing anything. I think my compromise will end up involving signing up to sit outside a polling place next Tuesday evening, which also means attending training over the weekend. And maybe I'll do some more tabling. We'll see.

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