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Feinstein, Boxer, Bill Clinton, and Samuel L. Jackson vs Prop 8

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Senator Dianne Feinstein has finally stepped forward with a 30-second No On 8 ad. "It's about discrimination, and we must always say no to that."

Senator Barbara Boxer has finally stepped forward with a fundraising email opposing Prop 8. "Prop 8 singles out a group of Californians for unfair treatment."

(For those unfamiliar with them: both of our senators are Democrats, but Feinstein has been leaning relatively conservative (for a northern Californian) in recent years; I'm guessing that the people who these ads are aimed at are more likely to pay attention to the message coming from her than they would be if it came from Boxer.)

Bill Clinton has recorded a phone call that went to millions of registered California voters. "If I know one thing about California, I know that [discrimination] is not what you're about."

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has sorta kinda gotten into the action: there's a Republicans Against 8 ad showing Reagan's opposition to the 1978 anti-gay Briggs Initiative, and showing Schwarzenegger's current opposition to Prop 8. (Sadly, Shwarzenegger himself doesn't make an explicit spoken statement onscreen; they just use recorded video of his saying a few months ago that he would "always be there to fight against" Prop 8. It would be nice if he were a little more there to fight against it now.)

And now there's a new No On 8 ad narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. "It wasn't that long ago that discrimination was legal in California."

Unfortunately, the No On 8 campaign is still short on funds to keep the new Feinstein and Jackson ads on TV. I donated again yesterday. And there's another $100,000 donation match going on, if you donate now.

The latest Field Poll on Prop 8 was released this morning. It shows 49% No, 44% Yes, 7% Undecided. That's not as bad as some other recent polls have suggested, but it's a very narrow margin, and a significantly closer race than the last Field Poll on this topic, a month ago, before the barrage of misleading and/or false Yes ads.

So the No On 8 campaign still needs all the help it can get. If you can't donate, remember that there are a bunch of other ways you can help, especially if you live in CA. Something I neglected to mention in that list is that you can also download logos and images for use in blogs, Facebook, or anywhere else.

I'm sorry for the nonstop infomercial against Prop 8 that this blog has become lately. But this is important to me. And one way or another, it'll be over on Tuesday.

As a reward for reading through this entry, here are a couple of fun/cute No On 8 ads (I assume these are web-only, not TV), parodies of the "I'm a Mac" ads:

Oh, and one more thing, 'cause I keep forgetting to link to this: Mormons for Marriage, an anti-Prop-8 site put together by Mormons who support marriage equality. If you have Mormon friends who are supporting Prop 8, please point them to that site.

(I disagree with some aspects of the viewpoints presented on that site, but I'm really really pleased that they put the site up; I suspect their anti-8 arguments will be far more compelling to other Mormons than anyone else's would be.)

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I thought the Mormons for Marriage ad was very powerful. I agree that spoke within her context and used the language of her religion to defend her position. It's not my language, but I think her audience may be able to hear her better than anything I might say.

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