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Two conflicting Friday evening events


Somehow I failed to notice 'til yesterday that there are not one but two events I want to attend tonight (Friday), both of them just far enough away (in opposite directions) to be nontrivial to get to.

On the one hand, at San Francisco's Borderlands Books, at 7 p.m., John Scalzi and Mary Robinette Kowal will be doing a reading, titled "John and Mary Show You Their Shorts." Scalzi and Mary are both recent Campbell Award winners, both have been published in SH, and both are fun and entertaining; I'm guessing it'll be a lively and funny evening.

On the other hand, at Santa Cruz's First Congregational Church, at 7:30 p.m., singer/songwriter John McCutcheon will perform a concert as a benefit for the Resource Center for Nonviolence. McCutcheon has performed in Santa Cruz every year for a long time, and I've gone most years since I first heard about these concerts. Some of them have been magnificent, some just fun, some only okay.

The two events are each a 45-minute drive from my place--one to the north, one to the south--and it's a drive through Friday evening rush-hour traffic. And transportation may be tricky anyway. It might be simplest to just stay home.

But I'm going to be sad to miss either event, and more sad if I miss both. So I'll see what I can do.

P.S.: Saturday evening, the 17th, SF in SF features readings (in San Francisco, of course) by Aimee Bender and Sean Stewart. I'm even less likely to make it to that, but figured I should mention it.


Clearly, I think you should come to hear us read. That's a one-time event.

I happen to know that McCutcheon is giving a concert next Tuesday night in Modesto. It's probably too far for you. I know one of the organizers, who said (when they realized what the date was) that John decided he'd be prepared for either a wake or a celebration. Obviously it's not going to be a wake. Might be an awfully good party, though...

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