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Obama action figures, and comic book

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Someone pointed to online photos of a great Obama action figure the other day. Unfortunately, the page at gamu-toys.info where all the photos were seems to have disappeared, so I'll link (below) to the copies of the photos on Gizmodo instead.

A bunch of the photos just show the figure and basic accessories--pretty ordinary stuff for any action figure. An ill-fitting suit, apparently an openable mouth, and a set of hands in different hand positions. Plus an American flag and stuff.

But then comes the fun stuff. Gun-wielding Obama! Dancing Obama! And the special super-cool action scene that I'm not going to spoil by describing it. On the original page, it was a fun surprise halfway down the page, but Gizmodo promoted it to the very first photo in their writeup. You can also view a bigger version of that photo.

While I was trying to find the disappeared page, I also happened across another, unrelated, set of Obama action figures--Harry Potter Obama, Graffiti Obama, Optimus Prime Obama, and so on.

Also: Obama revealed a while back that he has collected Spider-Man comics. Well, there's a new Spider-Man comic (I think it came out last week, if I'm reading the dates right) in which Spidey saves the inauguration. You can read a BBC article about it (with spoilers), and samples from the comic itself (also with spoilers).

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