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Free Oscar-nominated animated short


The list of Oscar nominees was released a couple days ago. Among the nominees for best animated short film is one called "This Way Up," a nine-minute comedy piece about two hapless undertakers having a very bad day, which is available for free download (until 31 January, I think) from the iTunes Store--just follow the link, if you have iTunes.

I imagine most of the others are also available free online, in less legitimate copies. The Pixar entry, "Presto," about a magician and a rabbit and a magic hat, is also available from the iTunes Store, but not free--it costs $1.99.


You can also get "Presto" on DVD for a little under $20 (shop around); pricey for an animated short, but as a lovely bonus it comes with a free copy of WALL-E (which is, oddly, how you have to search for your copy of "Presto" at Amazon).

Alas, the iTunes link for "This Way Up" is no longer valid in the US store.

For the past few years, Magnolia Pictures and Shorts International had put on theatrical showings of the live-action and animated short film nominees. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be doing it this year--probably wasn't making enough money for them.

Some local theatres are organizing their own shows; search for "2008 Academy Award Nominated Short Films" and your city name to see if there's one near you.


Correcting myself: According to Animation Magazine, Magnolia and Shorts are doing the same theatrical program this year, in limited release, starting February 6th; and all the films will be available on iTunes after the 17th.

How annoying--I wonder why they took it down. (I checked the link after posting this, and it worked, so I know it was there yesterday; and I just did a search in the iTunes Store and the movie is no longer there.)

Thanks for all the info!

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