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Imminent Bay Area convention: Potlatch

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Potlatch will be held in Sunnyvale this year, and it's coming up fast: it starts three weeks from now.

For those unfamiliar with it, it's a small, low-key, friendly con that roams up and down the west coast. In the past, when it's come to California, it's been held in downtown San Francisco.

(When I say "small": their membership page currently lists about 150 attendees, including a bunch of people who I happen to know are cool folks. Including some up-and-coming writers, some well-known writers, and one extremely well-known writer. And plenty of non-writers, of course.)

Advance registration available only 'til February 14; at-the-door registration rate will be higher.

I waffled a little about going, but it's only a 15-minute drive from my house--how can I pass that up? And my experiences with Potlatch in the past have been pretty positive, including meeting a couple of now-friends for the first time there.

I'll be "instructing"/facilitating a section of the writing workshop. Haven't done that in a while--I did it at WisCon a few years back, but had to be up too early in the morning (especially given the timezone difference) to be willing to do it again. But at Potlatch the workshop will happen at lunchtime, so I may actually be awake for it. (I should note that I believe that it's too late to sign up for the workshop as a participant.)

Anyway, thought that some of you who live nearby might not have heard about it, and might be interested.

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