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Coraline and Burton

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I know at least two people who thought that the Coraline movie was directed by Tim Burton; it's an easy mistake to make, so I wanted to set the record straight. Here's the deal:

  • Tim Burton wrote the story for, and was a producer for, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Henry Selick directed that movie, but lots of people think it was Burton.
  • Tim Burton was a producer for James and the Giant Peach, which has much the same animation style as Nightmare and Coraline. Henry Selick directed Giant Peach, but again I think a lot of people assumed it was Burton. (Neither of them wrote this one.)
  • Tim Burton has writing, directing, and producing credits for Corpse Bride, which again had (I gather) a similar animation style. (And featured perennial Burton favorite Johnny Depp; also Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson, Tracey Ullman, et alia. Maybe I should watch it.)
  • The Coraline publicity said that it was "from the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas," which led a lot of people to think Coraline was directed by Burton.

Coraline was in fact written, directed, and executive-produced by Henry Selick. Burton doesn't appear to have been involved in this one at all.

But yeah, it would be very easy to get the impression that he was.

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