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New SH fiction response-status page

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You know how every so often I post a note here saying "we've responded to stories submitted through [date x]"?

I've been doing that for years. Then early last week, I happened across a mention of Beneath Ceaseless Skies posting periodic updates of their slush status, and I had a sudden idea:

Our database always knows, at any given instant, what date we've reached in responding to stories.

So why not have a web page that always automatically shows that date?

So now we have a shiny new fiction response status page.

After you submit to us, stop by that page periodically to see what date we've reached. If you submitted before that date, and you haven't heard back from us, please query immediately, even if it's been less than 70 days.

Thanks to BCS for sparking the idea (even though their approach isn't the same thing), and to Pär and the SH fiction department for comments and review.

1 Comment

Nice feature -- thanks!

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