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February submission report

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We received 455 valid submissions in February, 2009.

That's the fifth-highest-volume month ever; up 20% over February, 2008.

The only higher-volume months were January of 2007, 2008, and 2009, and July of 2008--in other words, this February has been the highest-volume month that didn't immediately follow a temporary closure.

Also, it was a February, so had fewer days than the higher-volume months; so going by submissions per day, this was actually the third-highest-volume month ever, averaging a little over 16 stories a day. And every week of the month made it into our top twenty highest-volume weeks.

We're doing a remarkably good job of keeping up with the reading. (Thank goodness for the Editorial Assistants.) But I still keep hoping that volume will drop back to more normal levels at some point--for much of last year, we were getting more like 13 stories a day, which I think would give us a little more breathing room. It's not that much practical difference, but I think it would feel like a little less of a deluge.

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