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Assorted TV

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I'm kinda swamped, and possibly a little sick, and definitely tired, and not really up to coping with much of anything.

Tonight, Kam and I watched this past week's installments of BSG (excellent; probably my favorite episode in a while, though parts were hard to watch) and Sarah Connor Chronicles (very disappointing; probably my least-favorite episode of the whole series; weak in a variety of ways; really unfortunate, given how likely they are to be canceled if they can't get ratings up).

Kam went home, and I did a little more day-job work (having come home not feeling well in the afternoon), and then I couldn't focus on magazine stuff, so I watched two episodes of Gilmore Girls.

At some point I hope to post an entry actually discussing the show--wrote most of one last week, but didn't get it into postable shape. For now, I'll just say that--despite a couple of pretty uncomfortable and semi-dark episodes--I'm really liking this show an awful lot. Way up there in my top tier of favorite shows. I'm only 13 episodes into the series, but I hear it stays good, which makes me glad there's so much more of it left to watch.

I'm tempted to stay up and watch the next three episodes, but (a) I'm totally exhausted, (b) I'm not certain they're happy cheerful funny charming episodes, and (c) I gotta save something to watch over the next couple days of waiting for the next disc of the series to arrive from Netflix. Although I'm on the verge of just buying the whole series from Amazon so I won't have to wait for discs.

Okay. Sleep for me.

P.S.: Watchmen in three days!

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