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Four years


It's been four years since my father was killed.

I'm gonna try and keep busy, spend the day focused on other things. Gilmore Girls will provide comfort TV--I ended up buying all 7 seasons, and am only at the start of season 2, so I could spend all day on that if I want to. May also immerse myself in attention-holding technical stuff. We'll see. Hot tub in the evening.

I don't have anything much to say on this topic at this point. Haven't been coping with anything well lately; gonna try to just treat myself carefully for the day.

Apologies if my journal is hard to see today--tried to do an inverted color scheme, but Movable Type's 4.x templates are amazingly difficult to recolor. (I applied the desired color scheme to every class, ID, and tag I could find, and it still didn't completely work.) Finally decided it wasn't worth fighting it any more. If you have trouble reading something here, just come back Sunday, when it'll be back to normal.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Sometimes time makes things easier, sometimes it doesn't. My condolences.

Hey Jed--::hug hug:: Hang in there. Gilmore Girls is awesome, by the way. I never loved it enough to watch the new episodes when it was on, but I did enjoy the re-runs.

(hug) Be good to yourself.

I had no idea this was in your past. I'm so sorry.

Hello, love. Hugs & snuggles, dearly wish I was close enough to offer them in person.

Jed, I feel for you, and I remember your father fondly. One thing I remember him teaching me was learning that "scrod" is a kind of fish - when he told us a (mildly) dirty joke. ;-) Even though I last saw him long long ago, the world feels like a poorer place without him.

All my best to you and Jay.

Thanks for sharing this. I think it's always better to reach out than to suffer in silence. {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}} to you.

Great big hugs and lots and lots of love... I'm glad you're getting a hot tub tonight, and that you have high quality fluff to watch. Comfort is good.


I've been thinking about you all day. I send you hugs as well.


I'm sorry I missed this; I've been taking an Internet break.

Hope you got through the day okay, sweetie.

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