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Thanks for the notes and comments yesterday. Appreciated.

Spent much of yesterday watching Gilmore Girls, as expected. Good stuff. Lots of laughter, some tears. (I'm definitely a Lorelai/Luke 'shipper. No spoilers, please; leave me to my illusions.) Also chatted with Mary Anne for a while. Spent the evening with Kam--doing computer stuff, having dinner, hot tubbing, watching a movie (see next entry).

Went out of my way to avoid encountering anything likely to be distressing, and largely succeeded.

Didn't do much of anything by way of remembrance; decided to focus on distractions and just getting through the day.

Today: off to Santa Rosa for a birthday party.


Are you "warming" up to Emily? Part of the reason I became hooked on Gilmore Girls was the strength of the supporting cast. Paris, Edward, Emily, and most the rest of the cast add such a wonderful texture. It's the same way I feel about Northern Exposure and West Wing. Those three shows are probably my favorite television. I wish television shows heavier on the special effects were as entertaining. Buffy ain't bad (and Firefly probably would have been a contender), but most sci-fi just gets flatter the more I watch it. Each viewing is less entertaining. I want Gilmore Girls in space! (chuckle)

I am indeed warming up to Emily. I love the little moments of her being human, usually in a silent shot of her face after an interaction is over and the other person has left the room. I still don't exactly like her, but I can sympathize with her much more than I could at first.

And yeah, I agree that the supporting cast adds good texture.

I loved West Wing too. Somehow Northern Exposure never worked for me, but a lot of my friends loved it.

Interesting about science fiction TV. I'm surprised to notice that several of my favorite shows aren't sf. But (for example) BSG is one of my very favorite shows ever, and I'm loving Sarah Connor Chronicles; as with a lot of science fiction, the things I like best about both of those shows are the relationships and emotional interactions. But I don't tend to re-watch shows.

:) re Gilmore Girls in space.

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