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Placeholder entry: Watchmen (no spoilers)


Saw Watchmen on Friday. No time for full discussion, but here's the short version of my reaction:

Despite some flaws, it's probably the best movie that could've been made of the graphic novel. (Well, best movie except for the longer director's-cut version that will be coming out on DVD.) Good stuff. If you're a fan of the original, it's worth seeing. I have no idea what non-fans will think of it (and have seen reviews that report both loved-it and hated-it reactions from non-fans).

I hope to post a fuller discussion sometime in the next few days.


Best movie that could have been made by Zack Snyder, anyway.

Thanks, Jed. I had been waffling about whether to see it, since the little that's managed to slip past my don't-tell-me-anything-about-it field made me worried about gratuitous gore... and this posting was one of the things that convinced me to see it. I'm glad I did.

David: I'm not convinced that anyone could've done a better job, really. I can imagine someone making a very different movie, true to the spirit but not the letter of the book, that could've been quite good in a very different way; but I'm not sure it would've been better. I'm definitely not convinced that the 12-part miniseries various people have suggested really would've worked.

Jim: I neglected to mention here that the gore was fairly over-the-top; that was one of the few things I actively disliked about the movie. On the other hand, I went back and looked at the book again afterward, and there's quite a bit of blood there too; we just don't see it spraying.

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