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My travel year: 2009

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In 2008, I spent about 60 days away from home over the course of the year. (I did end up leaving town again after I had planned not to in that entry.)

It was pretty difficult. Each individual trip was good, but the cumulative effect was exhausting, especially since most of that travel was packed into a one-month period and a three-month period.

This year, my travel schedule will be a little saner. So far, it looks like this:

March 13-15: LA to see family

March 29-April 5: NYC for work, Swarthmore to see friends

May 22-25: WisCon (possibly plus a few days in Chicago afterward)

June 14-21: Maybe Chicago

August 7-9: Montana for a wedding. This means I'll be missing WorldCon, alas.

August 22-29: Group vacation in Maine (possibly plus some time in Boston afterward)

(Also planning to attend World Fantasy, but that's out here this year so no travel needed.)

I definitely want to spend some time in Boston; just not sure whether it'll be right after the vacation or later in the year. (There are work-related factors that may mean later in the year would make more sense.) Also would like to visit Seattle, and do a couple more LA weekends, and there's been some discussion of Alumni Weekend, and the travel days start to add up.

Still, I think it'll end up being fewer days away from home, and spread out more through the year, than last year.

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