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To sleep and cry in LA (baby remix)


Entry title, of course, refers to the famous movie about a fearless baby who will stop at nothing to get fed, burped, and changed.

(Protagonists of stories are supposed to be changed by their experiences; this one gets changed by its parents.)

Huh. I may be a little punchy. Maybe I should start again.

Hi. I'm in LA for the weekend. I'm sorry not to see y'all LAians (LAliens? Angelenos, I guess, though I've also seen Angelinos and AngeleƱos), but it's just a quick trip--less than 48 hours, to see my niece and hang out with other family members. Will try and wander down thisaway for a more multisocial visit sometime later in the year.

Got some nice quality time with Avery just now. She has a great smile. She drifted off to sleep for a bit, but when we tried to shift her to a sleeping surface, she woke up, and now she's fussing a little. Jay changed her, and she seems to be in that space where she's not really sure whether to go to sleep or eat. Perhaps a bit of both.


personally, I prefer LaLa Landers

Jed, thanks for visiting - so wonderful to just hang out. Also, apologies for the "poop fest" Avery had on you and your clothes. The good news on that - you passed the initiation test into UncleHood! XO

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