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Want to buy a condo in Chicago?


Mary Anne and Kevin are selling their condo. It's a lovely place. I suspect that none of y'all are looking to buy a condo in Chicago, but I figured it couldn't hurt to pass the link along--and figured it was possible that one of you might know someone who's looking.


Very nice place and area, wish I could afford it.

If you are interesting in seeing other Chicago Condos check out the listings at [Name removed by Jed] real estate.

I wish Mary Anne and Kevin the best of luck in selling their Chicago Condo.

[This is obviously spam, but since the spammer was nice enough to read the entry in question, I figured I would leave the comment in place and just remove the URL and the real estate agency's name. Note to real estate agencies: Comment spam is a bad way to advertise yourselves. —Jed]

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