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Shapes of days

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My days this week have had a certain pattern to them:

  1. Wake up too early, after too little sleep.
  2. Lie in bed groggily half-awake for too long.
  3. Stumble through morning. Arrive at work late for first meeting. [Optional: spend 20 minutes wandering lost through the building, trying to find first meeting.]
  4. Spend the morning in meetings. [The main purpose of the trip is to attend my group's planning meetings.]
  5. Have a quick lunch, possibly involving trying to deal with tech problems.
  6. Spend the afternoon in meetings, growing progressively sleepier.
  7. Have a nice evening of dinner and conversation with an old friend from high school or college.
  8. Back to hotel room, watch an early-season-three episode of Gilmore Girls.
  9. Spend rest of night dealing with tech problems. [Optional: get some magazine stuff done.]
  10. Go to sleep too late.

The dinner-and-conversation parts have been very nice; the work meetings have been mixed, but mostly reasonably good, and have made me feel more like an integrated part of the team than has been true lately; the Gilmore Girls episodes have been more full of angst than I had hoped, but with fun aspects; the tech problems and lack of sleep have been frustrating and difficult and have cast something of a pall over the other stuff.

But last night I finally got enough stuff working on my other laptop to be able to send out SH autoresponses for the past couple days, which lifted a lot of my tension around email issues. And last night's GG episode was more fun fluff than angsty.

Today: Work (but no meetings); a couple of social interactions; then in the late afternoon/early evening, getting on a train to Philadelphia. Whence I'll rent a car and drive to Swarthmore, where I'll be hanging out for a little less than 48 hours before getting on a plane home on Sunday afternoon.

Btw, we're hoping to have a roundsing on Saturday afternoon at Swarthmore, so anyone in the area who's interested, let me or Jim know.

My email access may continue to be a little sporadic for a while, so texting or calling me remains the fastest way to reach me.

1 Comment

1, the first sentence of 3, the end fragment of 6 and 8 have a lot in common with my last three days.

GG season 3: Yes, this season does kind of roil in angst.

Enjoy you Swarthmore weekend. Try to get some good, quality sleep.

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