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Tennant & Davies on leaving Dr. Who

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The Times Online last week had a fun interview with David Tennant and Russell T. Davies about leaving Dr. Who.

I suppose it could be argued that there are incredibly vague quasi-semi-spoilers in the first page of it, but really, it doesn't give anything away.

(Added later: Um, unless any of you didn't know Tennant and Davies are planing to leave the show. In which case my entry title here is rather a giveaway, and I apologize. I'm hoping that that info has been impossible enough to miss that everybody knows it already; if I'm wrong, I apologize.)

My favorite bits:

During discussion of what projects they'll be doing next:

DT: Do you feel you want to do something with grown-up people having sex?

RTD: Yes. And I'd like to write something like that, too. Boom, boom!

And later, in discussion of a hypothetical (but imaginary) "chipmunk drama" project:

RTD: You'd be a chipmunk, wouldn't you? A gay chipmunk?

DT: I can't wait.

David Tennant as a gay chipmunk! *swoon*

On a more serious note:

DT: [...] The competition winner from Doctor Who magazine was on set today, a 15-year-old girl. When I was a kid, 15-year-old girls didn't watch Doctor Who.

RTD: It's hard to express the joy of that. For 20 years, this thing was a joke. It was slightly embarrassing admitting liking it. In fact, very embarrassing. You'd see comedians taking the piss out of it. It would crop up on I Love the 60s shows, where they would make it look like rubbish. And to see it being what it always was in our hearts is just amazing.

Of course, technically speaking, Tennant is wrong. 15-year-old girls have been watching Dr. Who for a long time. But I see what they mean.

(On a side note, you can also view an image of a 1976 article about Tom Baker (drag the image around to view the rest of the article); he mentions, among other things, a girl who wrote to tell him she'd knitted herself a Who scarf. No indication of her age, but still--that old article itself was apparently written by a woman, and she was clearly a bit of a fan. But even though she mentioned that the audience is 60% adults, she did talk about it as a kids' show.)

Here's the end of the interview:

[Interviewer:] Would you work together again?

DT: Only if he asks me.

RTD: Oh, do shut up. Yes, please. I would love to.

Awww. Anyway, the whole interview is worth reading. Fun and charming.

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