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A bunch of birthdays this time of year.

Friday was Sally C's birthday. And L. Frank Baum would've been 153, and Alex would've been 41.

Yesterday was Susan L's birthday, or at least that's what my calendar says; that may not be accurate.

Today is Kam's birthday! Sadly, she had to get up ridiculously early to put in a full day of work today. Yesterday too.

Today is also Josie W's birthday, and Paul M's, and Rebecca S's. (Added later: And David C's.)

And tomorrow, Kavya turns two! They had a party for her yesterday.

(Added later: And tomorrow is also Diana E's.)

Happy birthday, all!

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Wait! Today isn't Kam's birthday! It's it the 19th?! I've had it wrong for all these years! Sigh. I will go make a correction.

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