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WisCon imminent

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I've talked with a couple of people now who were thinking that WisCon is two weeks away, so just in case any of you are thinking that: nope, it starts this coming Friday, the 22nd of May.

I think part of the confusion is that Memorial Day is almost always later in May. It falls on the last Monday in May, so May 25 is the earliest date that it can happen on; most years, it's the 26th or later. And I usually think of Memorial Day Weekend as being the last weekend in May, but in fact it's the weekend before the last Monday in May; in this case, the last Monday is the 25th, so the weekend starts on the 22nd.

Looking forward to seeing you there, those of you who are going!

We will, of course, be having the usual Strange Horizons Tea Party on Sunday afternoon.

I'll be flying to Madison on Thursday the 21st; then going to Chicago for a couple of days starting Monday. Home again on Wednesday the 27th.

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