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New Hampshire: analysis and next steps

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In the wake of yesterday's incredibly close, and incredibly disappointing/frustrating, New Hampshire state House vote on marriage equality, Blue Hampshire is, of course, an excellent resource.


Analysis of vote, showing how many Reps changed their votes (and in what directions). The new "religious protection" language does not seem to have had a major effect in either the no-to-yes direction nor the yes-to-no direction. The changes to and from "not voting" made a much bigger difference. For example, twelve Democratic Reps who voted Yes on the last vote did not vote on this one. On the other hand, twenty-two Reps who didn't vote last time (including one Republican) voted Yes this time.

One thing I like about Blue Hampshire is that members of the legislature sometimes show up and post there. Today, there's a comment from Rep. John DeJoie, who despite being a marriage equality supporter, had to take his son to the hospital at the time of the vote. (He had been expecting/hoping that the vote would be in the morning instead of in the afternoon.) Hard to fault that as a reason for missing the vote.

Note that in NH, the 400 members of House each get paid $200 per two-year term (as I understand it)—it's a "citizen legislature," and apparently legislators miss votes fairly often.

A few other worthwhile posts:

  • A Little Courage, calling on all the legislators and the governor to show courage in making marriage equality in NH a reality.
  • A hopeful note: a spokesperson for Gov. Lynch has stated that Lynch wants the principles he outlined to be followed in the bill, rather than insisting on the exact language. I don't know whether the language of the amendment was truly an issue; I kinda suspect that the complaints about it provided cover and an excuse for Reps who were uncomfortable voting for marriage equality. But at least the language may be somewhat flexible.
  • Marriage Equality In Two More Weeks: We Can Do This, an explanation of what's happening next procedurally by the tireless Rep. Jim Splaine, who shows no sign of the disappointment I imagine he must be feeling. As he notes, part of the task now is to ask those who did not say yes to do so. Unfortunately, I don't know that there's much we out-of-staters can do at this point, but one thing we can do is donate to New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition, which I gather has been doing a good job.

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I sent an email yesterday after reading this. If anybody wants the list of emails they can email me - it's way too long to reproduce here!

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