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Arrival at WisCon

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I've arrived at the Madison Concourse; thought about wandering around and saying hello to people and having dinner with folks and being generally social, and then realized that (a) I need some alone-time/downtime before heading into the hurly-burly of the con proper, and (b) I have an awful lot of work, both day-job and magazine, that I need to do.

('sfunny, someone commented in Facebook recently on how much excitement and happiness there is in my life lately, which really startled me—there's certainly a lot going on, but I'm experiencing it more as exhaustion and tension than as excitement and happiness. I recently suddenly have about six projects on my plate at work; I need to pack up everything I own by just over a week from now (and do a lot of other housing-related tasks); I'm way behind on magazine stuff; I'm not getting enough sleep; and I'm out of town for a week starting today. There are certainly plenty of good things involved too (for example, the house-related work is worth it for the payoff of owning a great house), but there's too much going on for me to really enjoy that. So what I'd really like to do is take some time out to relax quietly by myself, but I've got too much work to be able to do that yet.)

So I figured I'd do some work and then go socialize, but it's 10 p.m. local time so I'm unlikely to get enough done early enough to manage to be social.

So I'm just gonna hang out in my room tonight and pretend I'm not getting in until tomorrow morning.

I gather that a bunch of the people who I usually hang out with at WisCon are not here this year—sadness! But there are nonetheless a bunch of cool folks in attendance.

Those who are here, see you tomorrow! (And feel free to text me if you have my phone number.) Those who aren't, we'll miss you!

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