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SH fiction brief temporary closure

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The Strange Horizons fiction department is taking the week off. We're all super-busy, and we decided to give ourselves a semi-vacation week, just for a little breathing room.

So we closed to subs last night, and we'll reopen in a week, on Monday, June 1.

One nice thing about the fact that our online submission form is the only avenue through which we consider submissions: it's very easy to instantly and totally shut off all submissions, and to communicate to all submitters that that's what we're doing, and then to reopen again after any period, however brief.

Last year, we closed for two months in the middle of the year. Sometimes when we close for a month or two, we do so at a time when we're completely swamped and far behind on submission-reading; it ends up taking much of our closure time to catch up, and then when we reopen we're deluged with submissions and we fall behind again.

This year, we've got our Editorial Assistants to handle enough of the reading that we're not completely swamped, which is great. But we could still use a little interruption in the neverending flow of submissions, and we're hoping that after a week's closure we won't get a huge reopening flood.

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