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Summer of travel

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A few weeks ago, I noted that I was probably going to be out of town for seven out of nine consecutive weekends; then I mentioned in passing that I had scheduled a Chicago visit in the middle of that.

The series of trips is now well underway. Weekend before last, I visited Rob; spent the week in NYC for work reasons; then spent this past weekend in Swarthmore.

Back home now (got home Sunday night), but leaving Friday for Chicago (for Mary Anne's birthday this weekend). (And this week is not conducive to getting work done at the day job: yesterday, for example, I had various meetings, then a dentist appointment and a haircut; today I have a couple of meetings followed by a team outing to Shakespeare Santa Cruz. ~O woe is me, my life is hard.~ But even though I can't complain, it is slightly unfortunate because I've been having a hard time focusing on day job even during the parts of the day when I don't have meetings and such; and I do have a bunch of stuff I need to actually get done there.)

Back from Chicago next Tuesday. Then a week and a half at home—no trips the weekend of August 1-2! Amazing! Perhaps I'll get some unpacking done.

Then out to Montana for the weekend of August 8-9 for a wedding (missing WorldCon, alas, but it's a high school friend getting married; it's important), back for a few days, up to Seattle for the weekend of the 15th-16th for another wedding, back for a few days, then out to Boston for a week-long vacation in Maine and then (probably) a week in Boston. I haven't yet figured out travel plans for that last bit.

The East Coast trip was mostly good, but by the end of it I was really ready to be home. I'm a little nervous about what that means for the rest of these trips. I think it means that during the periods when I'm home, I need to spend most of my time at home and/or by myself, just to get enough downtime; so I'm not likely to be very social in California over the next few weeks, alas.

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Hey, how is Rob doing?

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