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How you can support Strange Horizons without money

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If you can't donate money to this year's SH fund drive, or don't want to, there are other ways you can help us out.

For example, stop by the fund drive blog for info about weekly prizes for blogging and/or tweeting about the fund drive.

And if you'd rather not talk about the fund drive per se, here's another option:

My colleague Karen posted a note yesterday asking readers and writers to write about the magazine:

I'm asking you to think about what Strange Horizons means to you, and write something about that. Even if it's just a couple of sentences. What do you think makes the magazine special? Why is it a valuable market in the field? What stories have you loved reading? What gets published there that's important to you? Authors, how has Strange Horizons affected your life? I want to hear your testimonies, personal anecdotes, observations, happy memories.

I think that's a great idea. Has SH published something you've liked? Has it published something you've written? Has the magazine ever cheered you up, or made you think, or made you laugh or cry?

If so, post about it. You can post in your own blog or journal, or as a comment on Karen's abovelinked LJ entry, or as a comment in my blog. (Facebook comments are okay too, but less than ideal in this case because they're not public.)

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