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SH fund drive followup

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Just realized that although I posted about this on Facebook, I haven't yet posted it here:

You may recall that our goal in this year's fund drive was to raise a total of $7000 during the month of August.

During the 27-hour period of the Scalzis' donation match, SH received ten thousand dollars in donations. (Counting the $500 matching donation from the Scalzis. Btw, I apologize for leaving out the $500 limit in my posting the other day—I intended to mention it, but was in a big hurry and forgot. I'm sorry about that.)

And then we got another seven or eight hundred dollars the next day.

The current total for all of the fund drive so far is over twelve thousand dollars.

That's kind of an astonishing amount. In each of the past couple of years, we tried to raise $6000, and had kind of a hard time of it. (IIrc, BoingBoing helped us out each of those times, posting in the last couple days of the fund drive and bringing us up to our goal.) This year, we've received more than double that amount, and most of it came in during a two-day period in mid-month.

We're obviously thrilled. Huge thanks to all who donated, and especially to the Scalzis.

Thanks also to those who spread the word. For example, io9 posted about the matching donation as well as having previously posted a link of their own to the fund drive.

And a bunch of writers and readers responded to Karen's request for comments about what SH means to them; to see some of those comments, follow Karen's links.

This outpouring of support—both financial and otherwise—has been really heartening. Thank you, all.

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