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The occasion for the trip to WA this weekend was J&S's wedding.

It was in Port Townsend. I had been there only once before; my grandparents and their sons lived there when my father and uncles were in high school, iIrc, and Grandma and I drove up one time, probably sometime in the '90s. We attended the New Old Time Chautauqua, featuring the Flying Karamazov Brothers and various other performances, and we drove past the house that our family had lived in. Nice town.

This time, Kam and I drove up from SeaTac; we took the southerly route through Tacoma because of uncertainty about ferry schedules, and that turned out to be a good thing because others later reported having to wait in line for an hour or two to board the ferry.

Friday evening was the wedding rehearsal (I agreed to be an usher), followed by a group dinner.

Saturday early afternoon was the wedding itself, in a park fairly near downtown. The weather was fine. A tall ship sailed past—in the water down at the foot of the hill—not long before the ceremony. (J&S both work on tall ships.) Seagulls called to each other ("Mine, mine, mine!"). A bell rang occasionally in the distance.

A lovely afternoon; a sweet ceremony in the park's gazebo; food and chatting and photos afterward. Good stuff.

I had been uncertain how dressed-up to get, and had originally figured I would just wear a shirt and tie (no suit coat), but once I became an usher I figured it would be reasonable to wear the full suit. And I don't get to wear that suit so often these days. The other ushers and I failed to communicate a couple of bits of useful information to the other attendees, but mostly things went fine on that front, and the ceremony itself went well.

I got a little socially burned out partway through the reception, and ended up sitting off by myself for a while while Kam (who was in the wedding party) participated in photos. But before I hit that burnout point, I had several nice chats with cool wedding attendees whom I hadn't met before. Second weekend in a row that that's happened. I am pleased to keep meeting nifty new people.

After the photos, Kam and I hopped in the car and headed for the airport. Sadly, that meant we couldn't stay for that evening's Shakespeare-in-the-park production of Comedy of Errors. But a few hours later, it was nice to be home.

Congratulations again to J&S!

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