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Marcy's birthday


Besides all the travel, the other reason that I'm trying to conserve my emotional energy at the moment is that my mother, Marcy, would have been 66 years old today.

I'm doing okay this anniversary. But trying to take things a little easy today.

While I'm here, I'll link to some nice photos of Marcy that I posted a few months ago.


So tough! It is so much harder if you have a good memory. I envy those who don't (but I also feel very lucky to have such a richer experience).

Take it easy! Do something that inspires you, or clean something. Oddly enough I seem to find cleaning very useful. I pick something that is just challenging enough to take a steady amount of time, like a half-hour (the stove is a good example) and after wards I have a project completed that I can feel proud of. I do NOT sort stuff. All those tiny decisions are so tiring. Moping, scrubbing, etc., I need projects that I can complete and have the gratification of seeing a result; I just feel stronger.

You have all my sympathy. Today I'm grinding through my shed. This falls under the category of "sorting". brrrr. Have a good day. Listen to music. Read good stuff. Keep your strength up.

Thank you -- much appreciated.

The evening was a little rougher than I'd expected, but I ended up mostly just watching TV (Warehouse 13 and Gilmore Girls), and doing some miscellaneous computer stuff, and reading a little. Off to bed now.

Hope your shed-sorting went well!

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