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Weak, summery


Quick recap of last week:

  • Saturday night: Returned from Acadia to Boston.
  • Sunday: Hung out at Michael & Lisa's. (Thanks again for putting me up!)
  • Monday: Lunch with various folks. Dinner with David VS. Ordered macaroni-and-cheese pizza at Za. Not entirely successful as a pizza, but interesting.
  • Tuesday: Lunch with Jere7my and Michael. Evening: roundsing.
  • Wednesday evening: Poker. First time I've played in years; had to be reminded of various games' rules. After a couple hours of play, ended the evening up forty cents (on a ten-dollar buy-in, nickel ante).
  • Thursday evening: Dinner with Sumana.
  • Friday and Saturday: Hung out with Bhadrika. Among other things, went to the Mary Baker Eddy Library's Mapparium, which I had never heard of before: a three-story-high walk-through stained-glass world globe. Map was, of course, somewhat out of date, having not been updated since it was built in 1935. Still, nifty. They pointed out that it meant you could see the whole world at once, unlike a normal globe where you can only see one side at once. And it had neat acoustics.
  • Saturday afternoon: Got on plane, flew home. Twig picked me up at airport. We had dinner and watched Kung Fu Panda, which turned out to be fun (though had some problematic fat jokes and such.)
  • Today: Watched the end of season six of Gilmore Girls and the start of season 7. Did a little magazine stuff, but not enough. Watched DVD extras on DVDs I want to return to Netflix. Reorganized Netflix queue. Posted Acadia photos. Fiddled around with music in iTunes, working on putting together another CD's worth of music for me to sing along to while driving. Failed to do anything particularly productive, though I did make a start on updating my to-do list, which I've been ignoring for the past two to three weeks.

This evening I was going to finally watch Juno, but waited too long and now am very tired. Jet-lagged, I think. Been a little dazed all day.

Very glad to be home. A little stressed about various things. Need to spend tomorrow doing house stuff and magazine stuff and maybe some of the work stuff that I should have done before going on vacation over two weeks ago, sigh. Glad I came home on Saturday and have a little downtime before heading back to work.

Also need to get in touch with various local friends who I decided not to see before I left town because I was too low on social energy. I think I have plans or semi-plans or potential semi-plans to see four or five different people or pairs of people over the next two weeks.

Also, Kam will presumably be back soon—she's been off at Burning Man the whole time I've been away, so I haven't had any contact with her in a couple weeks.


The Mapparium is a visual treat, and its acoustics are niftily complicated, but I call shenanigans on "it meant you could see the whole world at once, unlike a normal globe where you can only see one side at once." Unless you have eyes on all sides, then you can only see about 180° of the world at once, just like with a globe. Spin yourself or spin the globe, it's the only way to see it all without being a woodcock or chameleon.

I thought of that, but if you stand in the doorway at one side of the Mapparium, you can see almost all of it at once. (And they sell gift cards that show the whole thing using a very fisheye sort of lens.)

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