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I thought I'd been hearing good things about the new movie 9, and I certainly liked the look of it in the previews. So Kam and I went to see it tonight.

And were sadly disappointed.

As Kam noted afterward: Just think what they could have done with a good story!

And it's a waste of a good cast, too.

The visuals are really lovely, though.

Turns out the film is based on a ten-minute short that Shane Acker made as a student project; it was released in 2005, and you can view it in full online for free. Apparently Tim Burton and some other established film people saw it and were impressed enough by it that they produced a full-length version (well, an hour and a quarter), directed by Acker and written by Pamela Pettler. Though the feature-length version derives much of its basic story and general ideas from the short.

. . . I was tempted to refer to a particular character as "7 of 9," but it turns out that of course others have already made that joke, so never mind.


Hahaha! I thought you were going to see this:

I didn't think it opened until November, but maybe you had access to a preview or something. That's funny

Heh—I hadn't heard of that one.

Between 9 and Nine and District 9, it's like the year of 9-titled movies or something.

(And when I got home from the movie last night, there were nine submissions in my email inbox, and the ninth one had a title that contained the word "nine.")

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