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Belated happy launch anniversary to Strange Horizons!

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It was nine years and three weeks ago that Strange Horizons launched.

I mentioned that in passing in mid-August, during the fund drive, but by the time September rolled around I had other stuff going on and neglected to post about it.

But even though I'm late, I figured it was worth mentioning.

Nine years! Nine years of posting material every week without fail (except for a vacation week at the end of each year). Nine years of a volunteer staff of about thirty people putting out a magazine, and paying the people who write for us. Nine years (plus a couple of months) of reading submissions. It's a long time.

Congratulations and/or thanks, as appropriate, to all those who've been involved: staff, contributors, donors, readers; editors who've reprinted our stories; people who've given us encouragement; people who've nominated our stuff for awards; people who've linked to us; people who've discussed what we've published. I'm glad to have been part of this endeavor for all these years, and glad it's still going.

. . . Of course, this anniversary is always bittersweet for me, because the week before we launched was one of the worst of my life, featuring Alex's suicide on top of a lot of other upsetting (though less-upsetting) things. But this time around I'm more focused on the SH anniversary than on other stuff.

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