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Article on sleep problems

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CNN has an interesting piece titled How to solve 9 sleep problems that provides mini case studies of various types of sleep issues, and suggestions from experts on how to solve them.

Sadly, being parents of a newborn is not on the list, so no help for those of you in that situation.

But others who have sleep problems may find it useful. A lot of the article is fairly standard advice, but some of it is stuff I hadn't encountered before. For myself, I should particularly keep in mind the part about dimming lights a while before bedtime.

I've been back to sleeping poorly the past couple weeks. Usually five to five and a half hours a night, which is generally barely enough for me to get by on as long as it doesn't persist too many nights in a row. A lot of groggy dazed days; several instances of falling asleep repeatedly at the keyboard; a couple times when I should have taken a nap but didn't, or tried to but couldn't fall asleep.

Last night, though, I appear to have gotten about seven and a half hours of sleep, which certainly isn't enough to make up for sleep debt, but did leave me feeling a little better-rested than usual when I woke up.

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