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Agent X-19


I'll post more about the weekend soon, but wanted to mention one tidbit while I was thinking of it:

On Sunday afternoon, I was at the park with Debby & John and the kids, and a woman sitting nearby, who Debby had had a brief interaction with earlier, called out across the playground to her daughter; I forget the exact words, but it was something like "Okay, Agent X-19, it's time to go home!"

Debby asked the woman about it; she explained that her daughter liked to play secret agent, and X-19 was her code name.

I was amused and charmed—both that the kid had a secret-agent code name, and that the mother so casually (and affectionately) used it when calling to her across the playground.

I know parents call their kids by nicknames in public all the time; I think part of what I liked about this was that it was an unusual and adventurous-sounding name that, in context, had much the same tone/flavor (to my ear, anyway) as calling a kid by a more common nickname like "Junebug" or "Bean" or "Pumpkin."


Huh, is "Junebug" a common nickname among people who aren't named June? (Or, I suppose, Bug?)

Hey! There is nothing "common" about being a pumpkin. Especially this time of year! (It gives you the option of growing up to be a nice leering jack-o-lantern :)

Josh: I had a moment of doubt about that as I was posting, so I went and Googled [junebug nickname], and yep, it's pretty common. Dale Earnhardt, Jr; a character in the movie Junebug; Magic Johnson's childhood nickname; lots of random people on the web.

CJ: Heh. So do you put a candle in your head this time of year, to make your eyes flicker?

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