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Repeating a missed web ad


Most of the time, I try my best to ignore online advertising.

But once in a while, an ad catches my attention and makes me interested in clicking it, or at least reading it.

Unfortunately, as often as not, this happens just after I've clicked to leave the page, or somewhere in the middle of an animated ad just as the image is changing.

The former case is particularly unfortunate; if I go back to the page I was on, chances are good that the random-ad-choosing system will provide me with a different ad. I might be able to get the ad I was interested in back by reloading half a dozen times; then again, I might not.

So I'd like to propose that the people who create web advertising systems provide a way to navigate manually to other ads in the system, ideally specifically including a "previous" button that lets the viewer see the preceding ad. I imagine a lot of advertising systems don't have any way to tell what the preceding ad was for that person, but if they do, it seems to me this would be useful.

I'd also like to propose that animated ads come standard with a "replay" button. Some do, but a lot don't.

But I dunno, maybe there isn't much audience for either of these features.

(Posting from home; had this idea on my own time, not at work. I'll suggest it at work, but I'd like to see other companies do this as well.)


I know one website that has this feature: Ravelry. If you go back to a particular page, you can hover over the ad that's in the same spot to see a "more" link, which lets you see all the ads that could possibly appear in that location.

Now mind you, the owners of the site exert strict editorial control over all the ads (each ad is approved before it goes up), which means that the ads are directly relevant to fiber arts enthusiasts. It's the only website I've *ever* clicked ads on because I was interested in the ad's content. Furthermore, they have a feature which lets you "clip" an ad you want to go back to later.

You can't see this in action, because you have to have an account, and I don't imagine that you'd want to get an account just to see the feature. :) (It is a great website, though.)

(Also, Ravelry doesn't allow animated ads or flash; all the ads are static images which link to the advertised site.)

Yes! I have wished several times that I had this.

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