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Leverage + Dr. Who


One of the things that I like about Leverage is that the hacker, Hardison, is a geek.

This is particularly noticeable when certain subjects come up.

For example, here's a bit in which Hardison is complaining to his colleague Parker (a thief) about the fact that this particular job is way out in the middle of nowhere. Remember that they're both criminals, and among the best in the world at what they do.

Hardison: I had to re-task two satellites just to get a lousy Internet connection. It took more than an hour to torrent the last episode of Dr. Who.

Parker: Hey! Illegal downloading's wrong.

And then a couple episodes later, Hardison is talking to Nate and Sophie, trying to get them plane tickets as a married couple:

Hardison: What IDs have you got on you? [Note that Hardison almost certainly created their fake IDs.]

Nate: Let's see ... We got, uh, Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, and I have a Tom Baker.

Sophie: Oh, yeah, I have a Baker. Sarah Jane.

Hardison: Perfect. I now pronounce you man and wife.

(But really, it should have been Romana Baker instead of Sarah Jane.)

(There was also a nice bit of him enthusiastically talking about World of Warcraft, but since I don't play WoW, that didn't amuse me as much.)


Well his passport couldn't have read Fourth Doctor, so Hardison was stuck with the actor's name. :-) I like Romana a lot, too, but I think Sarah Jane is more recognizable to a lot of people. (And no, I don't have statistics on that.)

Yeah, using the Doctor actors' names was clearly the right option; but then they went with the character name for Sarah Jane. For an audience of a certain age, I'm sure they could've said Lalla Ward, but that would've been even more obscure for most people.

Anyway, yeah, Sarah Jane is almost certainly better-known these days, given the Sarah Jane Adventures spin-off show, so you're right that it was the right choice. It would've been funnier for real-world reasons if they'd gone with Romana, but only to the small number of people in the know.

And my half-asleep brain has now suggested that there should be a crossover show called The Sarah Jane Connor Chronicle Adventures.

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