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Tired, maybe sick?


I've been wiped out all week.

Last night, stayed at WFC too late; came home happy but with a worn-out throat from trying to talk above the volume of the bar and then the Australian party.

This morning, woke up exhausted after too little sleep. Headache. Dehydrated—I've been dehydrated all week, even after drinking two or three cups of water in a row (and water isn't tasting good to me). Stumbled around in a daze for a while, took an Advil.

I kind of think I may be sick. I don't have any of my usual symptoms—there've been ten-minute periods of drippy nose or coughing two or three times in the past week, but other than that, I've just been tired. On Sunday, by twenty minutes into playing DDR I was completely exhausted, where usually I can do 45-60 minutes without a problem. A couple days later, I biked to work, and was panting for breath by the time I reached the top of the freeway overpass. And I've been drifting off at the keyboard a lot.

Anyway, today I eventually went in to work to pick up my new work computer. Had a very nice lunch with Jen in the sun, during which my headache went away and I became a little more alert, but after half an hour back at my desk, I started drifting off again and decided I'd better go home.

Picked up a package at the post office on the way home—turns out that things mailed by Media Mail get charged postage due for forwarding. The package contained a copy of Eclipse 3; I was delighted and amused to see that all of the author names on the front cover are women this time. Nicely done, Strahan and Night Shade. (For those unfamiliar with the backstory, I'm not awake enough to explain, but you can probably Google it.)

Did a little work when I got home, answered a couple emails that didn't require too much brain.

Finally decided that it would just be a bad idea for me to drive down to WFC this evening. Twenty to thirty minutes' drive each way, I'm exhausted, and if I am sick, I don't want to infect anyone else. (And apologies if I already did, last night.)

So I think I'm gonna go to bed and see if I can get some sleep. I hate to miss Friday night at the con, but I just don't think it would be a good idea for me to try to attend. I'll try and get some rest tonight, and with luck will head down there for the day tomorrow.


Have you tried taking your temperature? sounds like some sort of infection to me. Probably a mild flu-like virus, but if the temperature spikes up, then it's flu, and you should keep an eye on it.

I'm having just the same thing right now (and what with fandom and all, we might well be in the same chain of contagion, you know...). I am drowsy, my brain has been replaced by cottonwool, I ache all over, but I only have a measly 37.5 C to show for it.

Blargh! Hope you get well soon.

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