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Four reasons to watch FlashForward

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I've now seen three episodes of FlashForward. So far, I'd say it's an interesting show; not brilliant, but intriguing.

(I haven't yet read the Robert J. Sawyer novel that it's based on.)

Here are four reasons that some of y'all might be interested:

  • Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love) as FBI agent Mark Benford, the show's main protagonist. (With an American accent.)
  • John Cho (Sulu in the new Star Trek movie; Harold Lee in the Harold & Kumar movies) as FBI agent Demetri Noh, Benford's partner.
  • Gina Torres (Zoe from Firefly/Serenity) as Felicia Wedeck, the wife of the FBI agents' boss. (I've only seen the first three episodes, and she didn't appear 'til episode three; I don't know whether that was a guest thing or a recurring role.)
  • Gabrielle Union (Isis from Bring It On) as Zoey Andata, Agent Noh's fiancee.

. . . I was thinking that there are a surprising number of characters of color in the show, but after further investigation, I'm not so sure. Most of the main characters are white; there are several characters of color in the supporting cast (including the three mentioned above, two black FBI agents, and Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Anastasia Markham), but I'm not sure how many of those are recurring characters.

Unrelated side note: I was amused in the first few minutes of the first episode to see that there are main characters with the surnames Benford and Varley. (I was half-hoping, half-fearing that there would be a bunch more characters with the same names as sf writers, but so far that hasn't happened.)

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There are definitely quite a few recurring characters of color. One of the main characters is even gay!

The show itself isn't stellar, in my opinion. There's been a few bits of sour acting here and there and a few of the reveals have been absolutely silly. Still, it's worth watching.

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