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Die Zeitflieger

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Can you tell I don't speak German? I started out wanting to say "time flies," and picked German more or less at random, and a vague memory of the word "drachenflieger" led me to this entry's title. Which I'm guessing means basically The Time-Flyer; sounds sfnal, no? Though Google Translate tells me it means "Air Time." And that "time flies" is "die Zeit vergeht."

Yes, I know I could have asked any of the dozens of you who do speak German, but where would be the fun in that?

Besides, the title here was meant to be just a two-second bit on the way to the substance of this entry, which was meant to be a what's-up-with-me update.

But at this point, all the comments would be about German and time flying anyway, so maybe I'd better give up on this entry and start again.

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