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A survey


What have you got in your pocketses?

Added later: it occurs to me that this question discriminates against those who have no pocketses. Feel free to substitute "purseses," "handseses," "brainseses," or any other over-pluralized container name.


Two key rings: work (office keys, USB drives, house key) and personal (car keys, house keys).
Loose change: pennies in the left-front, chrome in the right-front.
Jacob's Ladder-style wallet with walletty stuff in it.
Cell phone.
Too much!

(Lucky for my limited remaining pride, I don't have the big wad of folded papers with various notes and ideas scribbled on them in my back pocket at the moment. I'm trying to break that habit.)

Trouser, right front:

  • Key ring: 1 office key (storage room, not outside door), three house keys, one POB key, one security fob.
  • Car 'key' for the Prius.

Trouser, left front:
  • $39 in folding money, clipped with money clip.
  • Wallet: IDs, credit cards, discount cards, pictures

Trouser, right rear: 1 handkerchief
Trouser, left rear: nothin'
Shirt, breast: 1 business card of someone I need to email

My gloves and my sunglasses are in my overcoat pockets, but my overcoat is on the peg right now, so those don't count. Any more than any of the pockets on any of the other clothes I'm not wearing do, and Lord only knows what's in those (it would be nice if there were a twenty there, though).


A cell phone which won't hang up easily, so I only use it as a clock, and my keys. Also one large hole in each pocket, which explains the absence of some combination of lip balm, change, hand lotion stick, cough drops, hanky, folding scissors, Leatherman, thumb drive. (Often I have some of those, but not when I'm wearing these pants, because I have no inclination to have those things land in my shoes or on the floor.)

Right now--just my iPod Touch (which is also my PDA so I carry it around in the mornings in case I have a morning appointment.

When I'm in street clothes:

Right front pants (or shorts in summer): keys and change
Left front pants: iPod and earbuds
Left back pants: wallet
Right back pants cellphone (yes, I have joined the Collective)

The leatherman tool kind of migrates. If I have cargo pants on, it goes in one thigh pocket and the cellphone in the other. If I don't it may go in the right front pocket with the keys, or it may be left at home or go in a backpack or vest.

Sometimes I wear a multipocketed vest, and things move into those pockets, but most of the time it's too hot for that in Tennessee.

Pockets are very important!

pockets currently empty, but purse has: tissues, keys, wallet with a zillion cards and some cash, gloves, ipod and earbuds, a book, a grocery list, a granola bar, sunglasses, tampon, loose change, a couple of stray paper clips, and a stack of student papers. It also ought to have a little nylon grocery bag, but at the moment it doesn't.

Left front pants: wallet (includes change pocket)
Right front pants: keys (including LED flashlight built into caribiner), chapstick, handkerchief, Nokia N800 internet tablet (note: this pocket is typically too full)
Right rear pants: folding knife (Benchmade Mini-Dèjávoo)(best knife ever)

Cellphone on belt
(sometimes also have leatherman on belt)

I remember we had a thread on this on that certain mailing list some years ago. I'm wondering how this has changed -- want to do another follow-up survey on "what do you have in your pockets that you wouldn't have had 10 years ago"? :)

The big change for me is that I've swapped my Palm for the Nokia tablet (which I love). The knife is fairly new also, but I would have had a different knife (a Benchmade Eclipse) back then. I suspect that the wallet is not only the same type of wallet I would have had then, but may well actually be the same wallet, somewhat the worse for wear.

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