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A followup survey


What do you wish you had in your pocketses?

(Or other small regularly carried container.)

(Must be something(s) that would actually fit in said container.)

(I was thinking real stuff, but I guess fictional/imaginary/nonexistent/intangible stuff is also okay, especially if entertaining.)


-A working cell phone
-a thumb drive with finished writeups of various knitting patterns I've designs. (Need to sit in a chair and make myself write them; knitting them was much more fun.)

The obvious answer is Jed, of course.

Only I would need very large pockets. Or a very small Jed.



A Swiss Army knife. Sure, I could have one in my pocket, but I've lost three to the TSA since 9/11 and I gave up, but I miss it like a foot.

A battery that is actually the correct size comma dammit.

A winning lottery ticket.

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