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Movies & TV lately


Here's what I've been watching:

  • Watched the first two episodes of Glee 'cause everyone's talking about it; interesting and often fun so far, but not sure how long I'll keep watching.
  • Watched the pilot of White Collar on Hulu (yikes! They only post the five latest episodes, so the pilot is now gone! Very sad! But it's being rebroadcast this Thursday, so if you missed it, keep an eye out, or buy it from the iTunes Store), and totally loved it—funny, smart, charming; hot male lead; even kind of romantic. I laughed out loud four times in the first twelve minutes—three times at funny bits, once when I saw where the series was headed. It's not quite perfect—I'd like the women to be in less support-oriented roles, and it perhaps overexplains some things. Still, has a lot going for it. Unfortunately, I wasn't at all impressed with episode 2. But will keep watching, on the strength of that pilot.
  • Watched the first three hours of the six-hour Prisoner remake/reboot with Kam. They're doing some interesting things, but we're not enjoying it much, and it fails to do a lot of the good things that the original did. (Though it's been 20 years since I've seen the original, so it may be better in my memory than it really was.) We'll watch the rest, but with low expectations.
  • Watched the first episode of True Blood with Twig. Intriguing. Would like to see at least a couple more episodes.
  • In the past couple weeks, watched Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Monsters vs Aliens. Both interesting, both worth watching, neither brilliant.
  • This week, watched BSG: The Plan and Elektra with Kam. Neither, sadly, was all that great, though both had their moments. (And Elektra was better than either of us had expected, though that's not saying much.)
  • Watched The Guru with Twig; fun Bollywood/American romantic comedy, though one bit of protagonist bad behavior made me cringe a little. (Not to be confused with The Love Guru, a very different movie.)


I also watched the first three Prisoner (reboot) episodes and was quite disappointed. It was far too random, and Number 6 was less a clever strong-willed protagonist than a cipher being blown aimlessly by random plot forces (Episode three, with him simply agreeing to spy on others, was especially egregious).

On the other hand, it motivated me to go reread the Prisoner graphic novel, which I like now more than ever, since I know just how wrong a Prisoner remake can go...

I agree with you on Glee and White Collar...but I think both shows are struggling to live up to their pilots. Although I managed to watch the first season of True Blood, I never felt invested in it--curious to hear what you think!

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