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Done responding to SH stories!

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As of a couple hours ago, the Strange Horizons fiction department has responded to every story ever submitted to us.

If you've ever sent us a story and you haven't heard back from us about it, please query immediately. And please pass this info along to anyone else who might be interested.

This is the earliest we've finished in years (possibly the earliest ever, not sure)—we finished on Dec. 11 in 2007, but other than that it's usually been very late in the year. I credit our stalwart Editorial Assistants for allowing us to reach our winter closure period without being five weeks behind on reading this year.

(Interested in helping us out in 2010? We need new First Readers. For details, see our jobs page.)

As always, this info applies only to the fiction department.

This year's stats to follow sometime soon.

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