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Three videos, with music, that made me laugh this morning

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On the Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien has been having William Shatner read Sarah Pain's tweets aloud as if they were beat poetry, complete with the backing of a bongo drum and string bass.

The other day, Shatner came on the show to read a few lines from Palin's autobiography—at which point Palin came ongstage. Hilarity ensued.

Here's the clip—if you don't see it embedded in this entry, then follow that link.

A little after I saw that, I was poking around on Facebook, where Todd D and Sara M posted a link to a video of a kid playing ukelele.

Y'all have probably heard Jason Mraz's ubiquitous song "I'm Yours" by now. (Wikipedia says it's been on the Billboard charts for 76 weeks, and is "currently the third best selling digital song of all time in the U.S., selling in excess of 4.4 million downloads.") It still makes me smile. But that's not what I'm here to link to.

There's a video on YouTube of a cute 5-year-old Japanese kid playing the song on ukelele, and kind of sort of singing it (kid speaks Japanese, not clear whether he knows any English, but some of the words sort of come through). Charming and fun.

But that's still not what I'm here to link to. The video that made me laugh and laugh was this: someone took the ukulele-kid video and added lyrics subtitles. (To see the subtitles, you may have to click to dismiss the ad that appears across the bottom of the video a few times.)

It could be seen as mocking, or making fun of the kid for not having much English or something, but I didn't see it that way; I thought it was totally charming and really funny.

Lori D linked on Facebook (and Greg V E linked on Twitter) to another excellent video: The Muppets performing "Carol of the Bells". A great duet between Beaker and the Swedish Chef, with accompaniment by Animal. A minute and a half of Christmas musical entertainment. Everyone else has been linking to the Muppets' Bohemian Rhapsody, but I've never been all that fond of that song, and their version didn't do a lot for me. But I laughed a lot at this rendition of "Carol of the Bells."

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