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VR for pets

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Had a bunch of vivid and odd dreams this morning, featuring stuff like a kind of a human-kite ride down a hillside (and after I finished that ride, my teeth suddenly started falling out), and a nifty automated tram/super-light-rail system that was a little like a flat rollercoaster.

But the only part that might be of much interest to anyone but me was that in one of the dreams, someone casually pointed to a fish tank containing a bunch of fish that were somehow connected to a VR system.

The person who was describing it to me said that the fish believed themselves to be swimming in a sea of food, so they could eat constantly and forever.

Sure, there are a multitude of practical problems that would have to be solved (like, how do you put in the tiny implants? and how do you give them real food? and so on), not to mention philosophical and ethical issues. But I was tickled by the general idea of VR systems designed for animals.

Someone may well have done this in sf already. But if so, I either haven't encountered it or don't remember it.

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